Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here it is, finally, my blog, "Painting SF". I tried hard to come up with another, more interesting title, but ultimately, i think the title is descriptive of what i'd like to do here, which is:

Talk about art, and painting specifically. And I'd love it if you would participate in the discussion.

Now, mind you, I reserve the right to talk about my own work, or post new paintings here from time to time, but really, I would much prefer that this be a place for dialogue, for all of us who spend "too much" time in our studios, and not enough getting out and talking to other artists, or checking out new work.

It's a common gripe that there is 'only one art writer' in SF (or even in the Bay Area), and that there just really isn't any visible public dialogue about all the work that's being shown here on a monthly basis. So if anybody would like to use this space as a place to talk about any of that, please feel free.

I'm tired of reading about what's allegedly important or 'interesting' in trend-driven national art magazines, and retarded local papers like the SF Weekly or The Guardian. I'm tired of reading essays by people who think an article about art should include tons of $10 words, or that the point of art writing should be to show how smart, clever, or snarky you are. As you can imagine, this blog will likely see a rant or two from time to time, but i think that's OK. And you're welcome to rant too! See, isn't that fun??

I'm not going to pretend to be any kind of authority on the local art scene (like i said, i barely get out of my studio), but I would like to use this as a forum to talk about painting in general, and also as a place for interviews with artists that i find interesting. Please take this as an opportunity to turn me on to whatever you've seen recently that excites you. Artistically.

Now, I am not pretending to be objective. It's entirely likely that a lot of the work you will see here is made by artists that i know at least casually, many will be my good friends and peers. This will be about work that I want to share, and enjoy. I hope you enjoy.


SimiaArtifex said...

more please.

Anonymous said...

hello, you'd perhaps be interest by my painting blogs ( in french )...
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I'm talking about my own work, and links about photography, art history, musics....